the kitchen project

We live in an old house and unfortunately for me this means that there was plenty of time before I got here to re-do and by that you shouldn't always assume re-do for the better!

When we moved in we had to gut the kitchen...FUN, not really.  What was fun was finding custom cabinetry that was removed from a home.  Treating it like a jigsaw puzzle we figured out how to make it all work for OUR space.  Even tweaked the gaps by making a wine holder and a space for tall trays.  But the one spot that was SOL was a side area (4 upper cabinets and 2 sets of side-by-side drawers) and so that remained in tact with the lovely white laminate.  I changed out the hardware to match the pendants and added a thick slab of honed Carrara marble and put in a fabulous glass hex backsplash but the cabinet kept screaming at me....LAMINATE!!!

So this holiday break I got to work, well me and my friend Annie Sloan.

I knew I wanted to coordinate with the our small island that I painted when hurricane Sandy knocked out our power for 7 days and left me with very little to do.  I like the way the Paris Grey looks with the honed marble and the provincal stained floors.

Here is the bank of cabinets (minus the doors) and lucky get to see all the junk I hide behind those doors.  Nothing really stood out since there was SO much going on in this small space.

Two coats of paint and some wax later, here is the space re-worked with Paris Grey.  Of course I was still experimenting with the handles while I waited for the brass bin pulls to arrive.  I also filled in one of the holes on the 4 cabinet doors because I wanted to contrast what would be a lot of bin pulls with knobs up top.  

I picked up a couple options at Anthropology to try....and even pulled out the old ceramic white w/ gold accents that were here when we moved in...

But I am most pleased with how the brass pulls and knobs look.  And once my hot cocoa bar is gone things will look even cleaner!  Now I just need to figure out which pendants to go with so I can tie in this new brass/gold vibe 
to the entire space.  
Stay tuned!


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