kitchen re-work continues

 I am experiencing a major snowball effect here!

The new brass pulls and knobs are great and I am so happy with them and I want to tie in the brass somewhere else in the space.  The 2 pendants seem like the ideal spot so I have spent a good amount of time hymning and hawing about new pendants for the kitchen.

It's a tricky find since my island is not large enough for its own "showcase" fixture.  But trust me I did look into it and even called our electrician to see if I could turn the 2nd pendant into a recessed light and just keep the one pendant over the island.  But it's just not a big enough space so I am back to keeping the 2 pendants and looking for something similar in size to what is there.  You may think that sounds easy but its not!

I found these at Crate and Barrel.  They are perfect in so many ways...they tie in the brass, they have a marble shade (how cool is that?) which ties in my honed Cararra tops, and the black cord ties in the black granite on my surround.  But when I stand on a stool and hold them up they seem a bit small.

I have in my basement 2 vintage, wire baskets that must have been used in some way for fishing and I would love to make them work as pendants but unless I add it myself, they don't have the brass/gold thing that I REALLY want.

I have also found a small, more modern lantern with aged brass trim that may work, but I will have to order them to really know.

You know that feeling when you find something that is JUST right?  Well I haven't had that feeling yet.

Good news is I found 2 new stools to replace the dark brown wooden ones we have used for years.  I suppose they lasted so long because they were functional.  And with 3 kids and a lot of use that trumped fabulous! 

Loosing the stool backs created more visual empty space and in a small kitchen that was a bonus!  And something that didn't even dawn on me until they were in the kitchen is that fact that I can have a slipcover made for them.  How fun will that be come summer or anytime I want to make a change?!  

Imagine a crisp navy and white stripe or a ticking...2 of my all time favs.  Kinda like this pic from a home magazine.

So the hunt continues for the lights....stay tuned.



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