Color of the Year...Marsala

On January 1st of every year Pantone announces the new color of the year.  This is THE color company that everyone and anybody around the globe uses for anything involving color.

Marsala is the 2015 color.

The annual nod from Pantone typically weaves its way into all facets of design...home, fashion, graphic, makeup, etc.  

I must say it has been awhile since the new color disappointed me.  

How do you feel...
thumbs up or down on this one?

But, since the color was announced I have calmed down a bit and realized that while I will most definitely not be 
re-working my home design to reflect it I actually see how it can be used as an accent.  

Next to navy and even aqua it's BRILLIANT! 

And boy was I surprised when I hoped into bed the other night and looked down at Marsala woven thru the oriental rug from my husbands grandparents. 

I bet you will be surprised to find it somewhere in your home too.


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