3rd floor before and afters

I have realized that while being a one-woman show is exhilarating it is also very time consuming!  

Which is probably why I never posted the "after" shots from the 3rd floor project. Way back in April I began this project and wrote a few posts about it.

I think I moved onto other projects (the opening of my store being the main one) and then the holidays hit.

Excuses, excuses... 

Quick recap!  The side that now houses 2 built in beds used to be a small closed off room with a closet that covered the house's chimney and had the only window.  We removed the closet, opened up and exposed the chimney and what a difference it made!
to the right of the chimney was the closet
the one window was in the small room leaving
the rest of the space very dark
Wainscoting went up in the sleeping area, high-hats went in in both sleeping and living areas (with dimmers of course!) and white pendant lights in ea. space too for a bit of fun.  

The space got wall to wall carpet...so much warmer now and some finish carpentry cleaned up the chimney area.  The brick got white-washed and adds great character to the space.  

I initially wanted to use navy here but when the IKEA couch I had my eye on was no longer available in navy I went to PLAN B, a charcoal couch. (see an earlier post for why I chose IKEA for the sofa) The LIVING SPACE houses the couch, flat screen, gaming systems and a high-top table with 2 stools for when there is spillover with friends.

With plan B in place and not wanting to spend a ton more money I decided to re-purpose black and white toile bedding and small chair for the sleeping area.  I never tire of black and white.

 I found charcoal blankets, added white sheets and topped it off with the toile shams and throw pillows.  I figured that was about as much toile as I could get away with having 2 boys.  

The red down comforters are re-purposed too but I love the pop of color mixed in with the charcoal.  For now the bed frames have been left natural wood.  Not sure if that will stay that way but I like the touch of warm that it brings to the space.

Still needs another coat of white in there but like I said earlier the 1-woman show is busy!

I love the way this story came together and mostly with 
pieces I had stashed away.

I am pretty sure every member of our family has slept up here by now and I for one can say it's a cozy space!


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