The beauty of having a shop

I am one of those crazy people who loves to re-arrange

As a kid I loved to rearrange my bedroom.  There wasn't a ton I could do with my twin bed but I tried every possible arrangement.  I clearly remember walking into my friend Alex Arnold's house one day after school and her mom was in the midst of painting their living room kelly green, god how I wished she was my mom that day!

In the past when this urge struck I would get to work in our home re-working the wall art or furniture arrangement in one room or another.  I have even been know to repaint the dining room before having dinner guests.

The great part of having a store is I have a place to 
put all my design energy.  After spending a quiet snowy 
day re-arranging the store I am quite pleased.  

Today I moved the wood cubby candle holder on top of a vintage trunk and rolled the blanket scarves so they are peeking out.  The top row of cubbies now holds the Fairfield Roadie cups and the pom pom hats found a new home in a 2-tiered wire basket on top.

The distressed tin urns got relocated up on top of the dresser and filled with dried cotton stalks...a fresh new addition to the shop. 

The black and white enamel topped table got re-worked 
as a desk or vanity with a metal stool.  I love the use of the 
3-tiered basket as a catch-all for desk supplies.

The secret is to keep going until it feels right.

It was a good day.


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