When the FedEx truck pulled up this morning with 25 boxes of goodies I couldn't wait to open them. I knew they contained spring-like fun for my March sale and 
I really needed 
"hit" of spring.

Thank god I am hosting Easter! 
Because when I opened the box containing these adorable paper placemats and napkins I knew they would be on my table and I was HAPPY!  

Actually, why wait for Easter, there are 25 of them! 

Bright, spring-y and just simply adorable!

I love that this company's paper placemats are nice and thick and almost feel a touch coated.

Whether I put the placemat directly on my wood table or layer them over my white cloth they will make my Easter table so festive.

Speaking of festive I was at a neighborhood party this past weekend and had to control myself from stealing the table's centerpiece.  

It too screamed SPRING! and I just loved it.  Sorry no picture but it was a rectagular vintage looking vessel and it was filled with 2 white hyacinth plants and surrounded by big, chubby white-ish green hydrangea blooms and limes both whole and sliced in half where poking up on wood kebab sticks adding crisp color.

Wouldn't this combo look great with these placemats and napkins?

And the cotton dishtowel...really who could resist this?

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