Happy Easter

A few weeks back I wrote about the beautiful French soup tureen I found at a local antiques warehouse.  Turns out it didn't sell at my March sale.  This was a good thing! 

Yesterday I saw a variety of Easter-type planted bulbs at the grocery store and scooped up a bunch.  I think nothing says Easter like colorful hyacinths and tulips.  I knew I had plans for the soup tureen but I also wanted to put something together to bring to my Mom.

I dug out a vintage ceramic crock--big and heavy in a beige-y cream with blue stripes.  I pulled apart the 
plants and filled the crock with 
red tulips and purple hyacinths 
then topped the soil with green moss.  
I wish I had taken a picture.  

I love having old, vintage vessels on hand for things like that.  Any store bought plant can be re-worked to look SO much better with just a little bit of work and time.  

Don't settle for those plastic containers wrapped in bright colored foil paper....you can do BETTER!

Then I did the same with my soup tureen and topped the soil with some green moss and voila!

I left the tulip plant intact and then pulled the hyacinth bulbs a part and planted them around the tulips.  

It's a messy job so I recommend doing it outside.

I had one left over tulip plant so I plunked him into a round mercury vase and placed him in the middle of my table.  

Can you see my bunny paper placemats?  
They look great on the table and have lasted all week!

What's on your Easter table?


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