A Hidden Gem!

This past week I had the pleasure of walking through a warehouse of antiques.  

Jammed packed with all sorts of goodies both vintage and antique it was a real treat for me and my friend.

This gem was calling out to me and my eye went to it immediately!

The colors were so unique and rich and gorgeous I just knew it had to come home with me.  

It's a soup tureen.  

Quite frankly I didn't even care that it was missing its top because who serves soup out of a soup tureen anymore?  I know I have 2 at home and right now I am getting one ready to make a green Easter centerpiece using small fern plants and maybe one or two blooming beauties.

When we went to pay for all the goodies we discovered we were in for another treat.  The gentleman at the desk happened to be a PhD in fine art and knowledgeable beyond belief!

I asked if he had any info for me on the soup tureen and with even skipping a beat he launched into 
mucho details, incredible!  

It is French he told me.  This he knew by the design work and the colors.  The numbers written on the bottom of the tureen (no name or words) indicated that it was made before 1880 because he explained that after that date it was required that all manufacturers write the country of origin on the bottom of their work.  

And he further explained that the reason the price of the piece did not require me to take out a loan was simply because the lid was missing.

But look carefully, the inside rim is trimmed in gold and has very smooth edges almost like the edge of a ceramic vase or bowl, whereas the 20 year old tureen I own from Pottery Barn has an inside ridge that indicates the lid sits here.  Not nearly as finished or pretty. 

I had always intended to put an orchid in there!

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