A new scent....

I have a very snotty approach when it comes to 
scented candles. 

Mostly anything mass produced leaves me either sick to my stomach or wishing I didn't have such a royal* 
(aka large) nose!  

*Years ago my boss, make-up maven Bobbi Brown told me my nose was royal looking and that description worked for me.

I won't even sniff the car deoderizers or plug in varieties.  They wreak of FAKE.

When I do happen upon a scented candle I actually like it's typically in the neighborhood of $50 and upwards.  Once in a while this is fine but on an everyday basis (which is how often I light scented candles) it's just a bit much.

What does work for me....

For a year now I have been selling Votivo's Travel Tins and been very happy with them.  

My favorite Votivo scent is Black Ginger.  

Next week at the March sale I will debut their new fragrance...Azure Garden, which also gets a thumbs up 
from me.

Last summer I started selling Park Hill Collections scented candles.  I love that they come housed in a glass jar and that is encased in a wicker vase.  It's pretty, almost 
vintage- looking packaging and they make a 
wonderful gift!  

They burn evenly and cleanly, last forever and have a 
high-end concentration of fragrance...all good things in my book.

This week I am testing a new scent from PHC called Burlap and Barnwood.  The name alone intrigued me and the scent is a pleasant new discovery.  

It doesn't overwhelm which I like, it has a rather non-traditional air about it...not floral-y, citrus-y or lavender based but rather it has an old-world gentleman quality to it.  

I have been truly enjoying it.  
Even my husband likes the smell!

Come to the March No. 299 sale and tell me what you think of the Burlap and Barnwood scented candle.

March 20-22nd

299 Toilsome Hill Road
Fairfield, CT

All Welcome!


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