Behind Closed Doors...

I have written many times about my love for bar carts, tables, shelves anything that creates a bar area.

But this beauty takes the cake for my all time 
favorite piece!

Above it's a stylish, very cool and almost elegant piece of furniture....below it starts its transformation into...

 ...a fully stocked bar!  

How fun is that?

And although you cannot see it from this picture, the back is painted and very ready for a crowd if you wished to place this out in the open and have someone tend bar behind it.  The piece is on four wheels so moving it isn't a 
problem...genius, right?

Truth be told I kept this piece in my workshop for six months with the very intention of re-doing it for my own home.  Even now I look at the "after" result and I do have a very serious pang of regret.  

Belly up to the bar 
at the March No. 299 sale!

March 20th-22nd

Wednesday 9-6 pm
Thursday and Friday 9-4 pm

299 Toilsome Hill Road
Fairfield, Ct


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