Two Sweet Finds

After a long, well deserved rest I started back pounding
the pavement for fun pieces to re-work. 
Sadly, I came up empty handed and I must admit,
a bit discouraged . 

Then just this week my luck changed and this cutie pie came into my life.....

Its unique design and sweet size caused me to swoop it
up the second I saw it. 

Tapered edges scale along w/ the shape of the piece and are the perfect answer to keeping items from falling off.  Have you noticed the 6 legs....3 on each side of the table? 
A center drawer is perfect for storing coasters, matches or clickers! 

I"ve given it a coat of primer and a few coats of creamy white.....stay tuned for the reveal!


The day my luck changed I also found this bench. 
By the time I got around to photographing it i had taken its fabric seat off but let's just say the fabric was SO vintage that it was almost hip again! 

I see this sitting at a childs desk, at the bottom of a twin bed or dressed up in a girly fabric and posing at a vanity. 

This too is in the works so stay tuned!


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