New Year, New Inspirations!

I have just gotten back from a quick get away to NYC with a couple college friends.   There is nothing like spending time with dear, old friends....we picked up right where we left off, regardless of how long this may have been, we made each laugh out loud (and almost pee in our pants) we talked about everything and anything and we even shared hotel beds like we did back in college.

This is us having drinks at the Tribeca Grand Hotel......

We stayed on the edge of Soho and Tribeca and wandered both neighborhoods shopping, having lunch, dinner and drinks.  On Saturday we headed a couple blocks east into Chinatown and I was amazed by the vivid and exotic fruit carts littered along Canal Street.  Half of the produce I couldn't name but the colors and textures and incredibly low pricing made me wish I had driven my car into the city so I could load up and experience a whole new culinary arena!

  to be continued......


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