Inspired Once Again!

Last week I came upon this wonderfully grown up and very long sideboard.  A Queen Anne style piece with good bones and feminine legs.  I had big plans for this beauty! 

But that all changed when I spent some time reading blogs, and more blogs and then way more blogs....damn those blogs are addictive!  Anyway, I discovered a new type of paint called Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and boy were there lots of bloggers using it, talking about it, show their pieces painted with it, etc.
Sadly I found out that you can't purchase it anywhere in CT so I called a retailer in NJ and had the greatest chat with Patty, the owner.  Boy, was she a pro!  I quickly placed my order for 2 colors and the special wax and then waited anxiously for the UPS guy to arrive the next day...super fast!

By now I had already primed her because I thought she might bleed thru and was ready and waiting.

She even has a purple-ish (very royal)  felt liner in her middle drawers for that!

My paint arrived Friday and I went right to work! 

Two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and one coat of wax.  Now I'm just waiting for it to "cure" so I can do the final buff out.  Can't wait to show you the finished piece. 
I chose Paris Grey for the color and its just beautiful!

Stay tuned.....


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