NYC continued......

Shopping in SoHo is like walking into a museum each time you walk into a retail space.  This picture is the staircase at the Longchamp store.  Very cool and unique!

 Not only do I love amazing hardware even more so I love cool, old, unique doors and these fit that bill perfectly.  My lense couldn't capture them in their entirety, they were about 15 feet tall.  The nickel pulls were about 4 feet long.  I also loved the fun wood trim on each side of the door. 

The SoHo Anthropologie didn't disappoint either....I love this chair made from old radiator parts!  I didn't actually sit in it but super cool. 

 This table had attached, swivel seats, that were bolted to a metal support beam.  Wish I had an old barn to decorate this would definately be in there!

These colorful shots were taken in Chinatown....the produce carts were GORGEOUS!

 I believe these purply-pink beauties are dragonfruit...really they are works of art!  I was told they taste a little bit like kiwi.

My NYC trip inspired me in so many ways! 
I can't wait to get crackin' on sourcing goodies for my next sale in early spring.


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