Sunday reboot

I love Sunday and not for the reasons you may think.  Yes I love that I don't have to set my alarm, I love having a day off from work and I love the slow pace of the day but mostly I love the opportunity to reboot my creative brain.

Inspiration can come from anywhere but mostly I find it strikes best when we move in a different direction.  

Yesterday I took a field trip with my daughter to the Stratford Antiques Center a few towns north of me.  Its a large warehouse filled with individual booths.  Little snippets of creativity.  Each booth has its own vision.  Some line up with my esthetic some not so much but either way it opens my mind and eyes to things outside my day to day wheel house.

As a store owner I can appreciate all the hard work and thought that goes into a well styled vignette and this booth knocked it out of the park.  ThornHill Home is a local Fairfield genius.  I hope to meet her in person soon!  

I did take that black tray home with me yesterday.

There is just something about old books with the perfect patina and color.  These are perfecto!

I have never been very good at keeping up with my silver polishing and it's because I prefer the tarnished look...it tells a story of it's past and hard work.  

And I never tire of black and white pops in any design formula.  This one below is lovely.

My daughter spied this booth and artist.  Most of her works were acrylic on book covers.  Hey why not?!  

We decided we could have stared at these paintings and colors all day long.

This booth... covet antiques & vintage goods....made great use of her booth with goodies tucked everywhere.  These pieces were under the distressed bench.  

I am a collector of clocks and this old enamel face caught my eye.

This shelving piece pulled together pieces of similar color and against the black frame it really pops.

These silver planters were show stoppers for me.  Flat on one side they mount on the wall.  Inside the planter is a metal tray to hold and contain the dirt and plants.  I may need to go back and buy these for my dining room and fill with succulents or herbs.  

I am thinking that this pair of vintage trellis' painted a slate blue would be a wonderful addition to the store.  They are tall...perfect for my high ceilings.  

I need to measure first but keep your eye peeled at the store for these beauties!

Corbels just get me...hook line and sinker...everytime!  
Vintage architectural details just scream history and interest to me.

This lamb candy mold....just pure vintage sweetness.

What do you do to re-charge your creative brain?


My IKEA hack

If you follow my blog you know I have been working on overhauling our living room.  Hard to believe we have lived in this home almost 9 years!  It was time.

Of course it's sustained small tweaks here and there because well, that is what I do.  

Things rarely stay in the same place for long in that room.   It's generous in size which helps and we pack a lot into the space.  

On the home stretch but the only thing not finalized are the window treatments.  Previously we had woven roman blinds and organza panels.  At some point I took the panels down to see how I felt about less fabric in the space.  And then I took the wovens down for a go at the complete bare look.  Hubby wasn't too keen on it.

Somewhere in that process I headed up to IKEA and searched thru their fabric panels because I saw with my own eyes how great they looked at my neighbor Betsey's house.  

IKEA never ceases to amaze me!

I chose a white with some texture to it, almost mimicking linen.  And when I took them out of the package I was shocked that they offered 3 different ways to hang them.  I had kept the drapery hardware (white painted wood rod and rings) from the organza panels and just re-used them.

I decided if I was going to put panels back up I wanted them to be quiet and neutral.  Hence the white but I did not want them to look bedroom-y so I searched on Etsy for decorative trim.  

When planning this room I wanted it to feel relaxed, comfortable and interesting.  I wanted pops of color and texture and was not aiming for "matching".

Boy was I excited when I found this one since it had a combination of colors in it all of which worked in the space.    My plan was to sew a strip of trim to the inside edge of each panel.

So, in the time that all that transpired I will admit that the 2 packages of panels sat in the back corner of the living room collecting dust.  And somewhere in that time I decided to replace the studio drapes with a pair of these.  The studio is a room off our master bedroom that faces the front of the house.  Since our closets are in there and hubby's dresser the large picture window MUST have some form of coverage.  The IKEA panels worked great.

That left me with one pair.  And so when the mood struck, which is pretty much how I do projects at home, I hung one on the left window and one and the right window, almost treating them like one big window.  And in typical fashion I left it there for a week to see how I felt about it.  And then the trim arrived and I sewed it on the edge of one panel.

I was pleased with the outcome.  For now they are puddling on the floor who knows if that will stay or get tweaked.

Onto the second one except I did it while hubby and I sat in front of the fire watching a movie and got to the end of the task to realize I had sewn it to the wrong side of the panel.  Did I mention I had a glass of wine next to me?    

I was none too pleased.

So while panel #2 sits and waits for the needle and thread...

This is the current situation.  

And do not worry about that big empty space between the windows.  I am patiently waiting for a Mary Gregory.