OUT EAST....part 3

Feeling happy to be on the other side of 
my busy weekend out East.

PRODUCTIVE is the word of the weekend.

I arrived Sat night about 6 and unpacked my trusty old Suburban...furniture pieces went into the on-site POD and smalls went in the house.  Packed to capacity for this trip, I am always amazed at how much this baby can fit!   

The "burb" as its fondly called in our house has been by our side for 13 years.  If this car could talk oh the stories!

I was happy to be greeted by freshly painted (Ben Moore Decorators White) walls.  Another few days and the painters should be finished and out of there.

My goal for the first night was to wash all the pieces.  I like to use hot water with a bit of Pine Sol and a kitchen sponge.  I follow up with a dry, clean rag or T-shirt.  

I got organized, laid out my drop clothes, strategized about where I would do the painting and started cleaning.  

Things always take longer than you think...do you agree?  Scrubbing 9 pieces of furniture took me from sun, to sunset, to darkness!

Lucky for me the pool had been opened so I took a late night swim and hoped into bed...knowing full well what waited for me the next day!

In my haste leaving the house Saturday afternoon I forgot my black and navy paint.  Two key pieces to my weekend.  After a trip to the Quogue Market for coffee I headed out to Montauk Highway to the hardware store to have some paint mixed.

After thinking through all that I had to do I quickly realized that I would be MUCH better off if I spray primed the pair of twin beds (head board, footboard and side rails) and the king-sized headboard.  Both were ultimately getting dark colors so I chose a grey primer.

I lucked out with the dry, sunny weather and I was able to spray outside in the shade.  I dragged the wood beds outside and sprayed them on tarps.

Meanwhile inside, I started on the table.  I mentioned the table in a previous post.  It is a double pedestal mahogany piece with 4 leaves.  I  chose to keep and paint 2 leaves.  For all the years this table has been used it still opens and closes beautifully.  The "gears" that move it from closed to open scream quality and look like the inside of a clock.  

They sure don't make em' like they used to!

Because I was painting it Annie Sloan Old White it needed 3 coats to cover the stained finish before I could get to work with painting the bold stripe down the middle.  

I measured twice and then using a pencil added ticking marks down both sides.  I wanted the stripe bold so went with a 12" band of space.  

Painters tape in place I quickly hit the tape w/ the white color first....an insiders trick and then once that was mostly dry painted the Ben Moore Hale Navy.  Two coasts did the trick and then I pulled the tape while the navy was still wet...another insiders trick.

I added the 2 leaves into the table when I taped and painted the stripe so it would be exact when the leaves where added.  But on a regular basis the table will be without the leaves.

From the selection of dining chairs we salvaged 2 of the more decent shield backs.  I wanted to paint them, redo the seat fabric and use them paired with a sweet oval table for the master bedroom.  

Using Annie Sloan Aubusson Chalk Paint I got to work on the 2 chairs and a drop leaf mahogany table with 2 thin drawers that will be used as a night table.  My overall thought in the master was black and white with a few pops of the Aubusson...a beautiful blue green color that feels European to me.

On my way out the door Saturday afternoon I grabbed some fabric....a black and white ticking and an off- white linen to see which I prefer as the new seat covers....the linen wins!

The black and white canvas with wood trim frame was a Home Goods score and I think it will set the tone nicely in the master.  I have it leaning on the table but it will be hung properly soon.

The original headboard will be black...2 coats down 1 more to go.

For the kids bedroom I used Ben Moore Hale Navy on the twin beds and kept another small drop leaf table to act as a joint night table since there isn't much space in that room.  I decided not to paint this one to help break up the navy and white.  And I am so glad I held off ordering linens because once I saw the bed frames painted and in the white room along with the bold horizontal striped curtains that I couldn't resist hanging I realized there was PLENTY of navy.  

I will find a contrast color for the linens or maybe a fun pattern.  I have my eye on the Target line called Pillow Fort...super cute kids patterns.

I promised myself if I got to a good place by Sunday night I would take a walk on the beach and boy am I glad I did.  

It was beautiful!


OUT EAST.....part 2

So much goodness in one project I find it hard to focus on other things in my life.  

This is part two of an ongoing series of posts detailing my process with a home out on the eastern end of Long Island.  

In the last post I mentioned that my plan was to reconfigure the rooms.  Not physically but to re-assign their use.  What used to be the dining room will now be the living space.  It's centrally located and has openings to the dining area, the game room, the center hall and the front entrance.

It's current state....

The plan is to mount a flat screen over the faux fireplace. I hope to find a mantel of sorts to balance out the tv and stage the faux fireplace with some candles or birch logs.

And looking the other direction into the front hall...

The room is essentially an interior room with no actual windows.  But to the right of this picture is a very large opening to a front hallway which is lined with a handful of windows on the front of the home.  

A sofa with modern lines was delivery this week and promptly went into the on-site storage pod until the painters are done working their magic.  I choose a bright color for the sofa... Joss and Main called it light blue but to me it looks like a french blue. I can't wait to get out there next weekend to check it out!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my purchase last week at IKEA.  I have had my eye on a rattan, large scale chair that was more out of stock than in-stock.  I lucked out last week when I scooted up there after closing the store and scored 2!  A white canvas cushion pairs with it.  You can't tell from this picture but the chair has a really nice broad back so they will fill those 2 corners flanking the fireplace nicely.

An oval, wood-topped coffee table that I have at the store will sit in front of the sofa.

Last week at the flea market I found a sofa table that had been beat up but repainted a fun shade of blue.  The price was right.  We shall see if it will work with the french blue.  It may need a bit of paint but I love the vintage vibe and the carved legs and since it will be the first thing you see when you walk in the main entrance it works!  Pair it with the 2 vintage glass buoys also from the flea market and the layers begin.  

I am a big believer in layering a space with old and new.

This piece of large canvas art will be on a large interior wall and I am hoping its many blues will tie into the story nicely.

The rug in here is TBD. I found a great indoor/outdoor tan ikat at Ballard Designs but waited too long with it in my cart and it sold out.  Plan B is still being formulated.

Because the living space and dining space are very open to each other I chose to put the same light fixture in each space to tie the story together.  Another IKEA score.  The 2 pieces act like a clam shell and a bulb fixture hangs in the middle.  Fortunately for me this home is littered with recessed lights so these wicker chandeliers will be more decor than functional lighting.


OUT EAST....part 1

My most recent design project has me busy, busy, busy.

This is one of those projects that people like me dream about.

Beach house........................................check

(I mean I have been given an actual budget)

Empty and freshly painted house........check

A handful of remaining 
and use able pieces of 
wood furniture to paint........................check

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I recently took on a new project.  An empty house located in Quogue, New York that needs to be spruced up to rent or sell.  It's a beautiful little town nestled between Westhampton and Hampton Bays out on the Eastern end of Long Island.  

I have been scouring Pinterest, scrolling on Instagram, reading blogs and finding inspiration just about anywhere.  

This post from Habitually Chic was perfection!  (If you don't follow her you need to!)  


She wrote about the new One Kings Lane shophouse out in South Hampton and I love how they created a curated, lived in feel with just the right about of organized chaos!  It feels old school Hamptons with a smidgen of English or European influence.  Could be that the head of OKL is English and she does an amazing job with the finishing touches.  Or could just be that is my favorite look.

For my project we are going a bit more modern and clean.  Mostly because it saves on the budget and using a few WOW pieces we can stretch our budget a bit further.

It's still undecided whether the house will be staged to sell or to rent for the remainder of the summer.

Some sneak peeks of the current state of the home.

The dining space...

I wanted to keep the original double pedestal dining table with 3 (yes you hear me 3!) leaves.  When spread to capacity it can seat 12!  That was a no brainer.  But the old school cherry finish would not work.  

Annie Sloan to the rescue.  

My plan is to paint the table white, distress it a good bit and add a big bold navy stripe down the middle.  I will finish with a few coats of satin or mat poly.  I have my eye on the clear acrylic ghost chairs or silver metal cafe chairs to pair with the table.

When this home was occupied by my in-laws, they used the above space as their den.  But given the layout of the house I am moving things around a bit.  I believe it will be better served as an eating space since it's right off the kitchen and the kitchen is not eat in.

And what once was an enormous living room....

will become a game room with a ping pong table smack dab in the middle.  It was a 2-car garage years back and someone converted it into this very large space with soaring ceilings.

To furnish this large of a space would have blown my budget.  And you can't see it in this shot but to the right on the pic there are french doors leading out to the back patio and pool.  Seems kinda fitting that a beach house large enough for a family would have some FUN factored in!

That table on the left of the pic is one of those old school pieces that when flapped down and twisted its a square game table.  I plan to put 4 of these stools around it...

and load it up with puzzles or paint a checkers board on top.  

A bar cart and a high top cocktail table with a couple bar stools will complete the GAME ROOM.

There are 3 bedrooms in the house and I love this look from Habitually Chic's post on One Kings Lane.  It will serve as inspiration for the kids bedroom which will have a pair of twin beds.

pls excuse the screen shot from my laptop!
Of course I am kicking myself since I saw a boat-load of old wood tennis rackets at the flea market last weekend and debated about them but didn't buy them.  I love how they are in the basket at the bottom of the bed.

Flea market finds from last weekend

I do have a pair of old wooden oars and a pair of old water skis that I think will become wall art somewhere.

Stay tuned for more to come... 


smoothie love

Its' very common for customers to walk into my store with a coffee or smoothie in hand.  I am lucky enough to be on a street with other amazing retailers.  One being a funky coffee shop and the other food option is a vegan cafe with ridiculous (as in delish) smoothies.

A few weeks ago a customer came in sipping a green shake from the vegan cafe.  When she told me what was in it I have to admit I was a bit skeptical.  Two days later I gave it a try and it was AWESOME!

I think they call it the Funky Monkey but I just call it plain ole' YUM!

It contains almond butter, almond milk, dates, spinach and banana. It is liquid ROCK STAR.

I try really hard to eat breakfast at home and to bring my lunch using tasty leftovers since I eat way healthier and save a boat load of money but some days it's just hard to get it all together and out the door in time for work.  That's when I head up the street for coffee, an egg sandwich or a green smoothie.

And then a few days ago my friend Wendy (who I may have told about the ROCK STAR shakes and who may also love them) told me she figured out how to make them at home.

Texting her from the grocery store to make sure I had it all correct I filled my cart and headed home to get mixing.  She was right, it is super easy and tastes just like it does up the street.

I now have a new use for my roadie cups.

Of course there was a bit of trial and error...more trial than error because my cup always ends up empty.

I find that the end result is colder and better if I break up one ripe (but not brown) banana and wrap it in a bit of cling wrap and then pop it into the freezer while I do my morning routine.  I would say its in there for 1-2 hours.

I start by adding a large handful of baby spinach to the blender.  Then one date and the almond butter.

Using a tablespoon from the silverware drawer I scoop out a decent spoonful.  I use creamy butter.

Then the pieced, semi-frozen banana and last 3/4 a cup of Almond Milk.

Blend until smooth and into a roadie cup it goes.....


A cleaner vibe in the dining room

After making changes to my living room it wasn't long until the same thing happened in the dining room.  For the past few months I have been hmm'ing and haw'ing over what changes to make.  It's a conversation I have in my head, with myself about once a week.

Pinterest helps.  House Beautiful and Elle Decor help.  And my daughter has been on the other end of the receiving line just a few times.  (Sorry Meg!)

For a time I was focused on painting the window trim of the three windows that make up the window seat.  As they are the only windows in the dining room I thought that would make a BIG impact in a cool way.  Black would be impactful.  But then I worried about painting the molding and NOT the mullions and how that would look.  So, I was stopped in my tracks.

Then I thought white, I will paint the room white to give it that slightly more modern edge I seem to be craving in my old age.  It has been a beautiful mushroom'y greige for a couple of years now.  

I also brought the corner cabinet into the thought process.  

It was a piece that came with all our re-purposed kitchen cabinets when we moved in 9 years ago.  When we gutted our kitchen we were lucky enough to find a complete Rutt custom kitchen that we were able to re-work and install.  And while the large corner cabinet definitely did not fit in the kitchen it was part of the set we bought so we figured we would try it in the dining room and it has been a work horse ever since.  

That baby holds my 3 sets of china, serving platters, 18 water glasses, hand made ceramic bowls, bud vases, a crystal dinner bell, glass votives, tea lights, cocktail napkins and more.  

So while I may not have been feeling the the cream painted piece 9 years later I knew there was no way I could get rid of the it.

In our master bedroom we have a large, built in armoire that takes up one wall and shortly after we moved in I painted it black.  Super cool.  So I figured why not try a go at the china cabinet?

Projects in my own home are a "when the mood strikes and when I see an open day on my calendar" kind of deal.  When the Memorial Day parade got cancelled last week I grabbed it and ran!

Because I couldn't face Home Depot on Memorial Day I went to my basement figuring I must have some black paint or dark chalk paint I would use.  The Annie Sloan Graphite came up but something was funky about the formula and after a few brush strokes I knew I couldn't use it.  Next I found a can of Rust-Oleum Charcoal Chalk Paint.  Two coats later and I had this....

But after living with it for the night and next day I realized the charcoal had WAY too much blue in it and the reality wasn't matching what was in my mind.  Plus,  you can't use chalk paint and not finish with a wax or poly coat and I can get lazy sometimes.  So off to Home Depot I went to get proper black paint.  And two coats later I got this....

I should back up a bit and say that on Sunday, the day before Memorial Day I painted the room Ben Moore Decorators White.  It felt brighter, and bigger.

So once all the painting was done I stood in the room and questioned the final product.  I moved my wall art around, 

I shuffled my side board do-dads 

and I added some green to my wood dining table.  

I even shopped in my house and brought a gold sun burst mirror from my master bedroom to the blank wall above the green bench.

And just this morning I ordered a new light fixture...also on my mind for some time.  Its a modern piece with gold and white accents.  

I have to say that the all white room is a big change.  Hubby wasn't too excited about it and the cleaner, more modern vibe is def something to get used to.  But I have to say it feels more free and less encumbered.  

We need to live with the changes and see how they feel.  

For now my brain will rest.