Happy Days Downtown!

Tomorrow marks four months that I have been open in the new location.  
And its been 4 months of AMAZING!

I feel like the store is home.... 299 is where it's supposed to be.  Kinda corny I know but it's how I feel.  

I love how downtown has a sort of hum to it, almost a rhythm.  Being next to a yoga studio and a coffee shop doesn't hurt either.  My 2 big, front windows let me feel as if I am a part of all that downtown action.

I have seen old customers and met lots of new customers and have seen some of these new faces more than once already which is a good sign.  And of course I love the comments I can hear as they walk into the shop...  "It smells so good in here"  or "I am so excited this store is now downtown"  or "It's beautiful in here".  It's all are music to my ears!

New customers ask "what is 299?" and as I explain that it's my house number it's hard to believe that just a little over 5 years ago I launched this business in my garage.


Holiday sneak peek!

It's been a crazy few weeks here at the store. 

Holiday deliveries have been arriving daily and we are all working like mad to get it unpacked, priced and put away.  

Good job team 299!

I won't lie, it's really exciting unpacking and being reminded of all the goodies we ordered way back when.  Ornaments, wall decor, garland, wreaths, door signs, lights, scented candles, votives, dishtowels, soaps, and so much more.

Ready for a sneak peek of what's to come?

1.  Aspen Bay is a new company for us since we opened downtown and their holiday line up will NOT disappoint, trust me!

Nutmeg Amber, is a rich, cozy smell that combines ground nutmeg, blackberries and golden amber.

Frosted Currant is bright and festive with crushed pomegranate, currant and green moss.

Juniper Twig is Christmas at its best, fresh fir, cedar and grapefruit.

And the metal tag that hangs from red and white bakers twine
 is such a sweet touch!


2.  Two of the many holiday wall signs that we will be selling.

3.  Bottle Bristle Trees with a modern twist.  
I LOVE the muted gold wood cube that 
anchors these 3 trees.  

Available in green and cream.

Since I have seen holiday going up in a few of the national chain retailers I figured kinda fun to tease it up here!