Yes or No... are you a fan of home goods?

I must admit I am a fan of Home Goods.

I will preface this by saying there are some things I just would NOT buy at Home Goods.  Like furniture that would be used by my (or my clients) family...pieces that would get lots of wear and tear like  couches, upholstered chairs, dining room and kitchen chairs.  But there are many items I would definitely buy for my home (or clients).

I popped in today to return 2 lamps that I desperately wanted to work but couldn't and to search for a coffee table for a client's finished basement.  That yielded a rectangular, upholstered bench in lieu of a wood or metal table.  I liked the dimensions and knew it would work better than a bulky piece AND would still handle feet resting on top.  I dropped it off to my client telling her to place a tray on one side for a secure surface for drinks and what not.

I then proceeded to wander through the holiday aisles.  You would think that owning a home decor store would cure my infatuation with anything home but it really hasn't.  Not yet at least.  Home Goods is bursting with holiday trimmings and I sure did get goose bumps. 

The only thing I bought for myself was wrapping paper.  Did you happen to see my Instagram post on the rolls of wrapping paper? 

I have a thing with gift paper.  Funny because I have a phobia of wallpaper...hate the commitment.  But I LOVE wrapping paper.  

I am digressing.

I believe the key to shopping Home Goods is a discerning eye.   Knowing the difference between what piece is going to look great in your home and what piece is going to look well, like you got it at Home Goods.  

I have been know to accompany clients on a Home Goods shopping trip (or 2) and we did score BIG with lamps, mirrors, benches, etc.  I know some of you may be saying but you sell all that at No. 299.  You are right, I do.  But the reality is I cannot keep that kind of inventory and variety in the store.  

Recently on a Home Goods field trip I bumped into 2 customers.  I was deep in thought, tape measure in hand but I didn't hide from them.  I stopped, we chatted.  It's good to know that home decor can be found just need the discerning eye!


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