pining for a rich shade of velvet

I can't seem to get these rich colors out of my mind lately.  I have been dreaming about incorporating a deep shade of velvet somewhere into my home.

While I would love to see a velvet sofa or settee in my living space somewhere...

...I think it would be wise to stick with smaller tidbits.  

I would love to recover the bench cushion in my entry way w/ navy or moss green velvet.  And I think it would be gorgeous to find a teal velvet-y cover for my bed.

I did a little research and found these velvet quilts at West Elm.   How would you choose when there are so many beautiful colors?

This emerald green is beautiful too.  I love that the quilting gives it a vintage vibe and the velvet a touch of luxury.

At a bare minimum I will need to add a few velvet pillows to my current couch.


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