The Golden Ticket

This Thanksgiving I will be a guest, not a host and I have to say I kinda feel like I got the golden ticket.

We will stay local and spend the day with my husbands family.  I will be bringing desserts and after starting with an offer of 4 pies I have switched to an apple and pear crisp and cookies.  Turns out there are others who want to bring dessert too and there are only so many pies you want to see after eating a big meal.

Last year this time I was posting pics of my Thanksgiving table

and collecting brining recipes. 

This year things have been heating up at the new location of my store so I am more than happy to play guest and let my attention stay focused on the busiest time of the year for No. 299.

The one down side to being a guest is that my house is a mess.  Hosting a holiday is the BEST way to get your house into ship shape!  It's a terrific kick in the pants and we have customers buying tables, lamps, votives, mirrors and wall decor to prove it.  We no sooner unpack a new delivery than it walks out the door to its new home.

So while I kinda love holding the golden ticket my house is not the better for it.  I guess there is always Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


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