Third floor bath is complete

I realized I haven't yet posted pics of the final bath reveal.  I have been dragging my feet because I haven't  hung anything up on the walls yet.  

Good news is the water is all hooked up, the sink, toilet AND tub are all functional....YEAH!

And I have even admired my handy work twice from a hot, soapy tub soak! 

It's come so far from the outdated vibe we looked at for 8 years.  Here is an original picture.

And here is the same view now.

I am finding the white to be so refreshing.

I think the last bathroom post showed unpainted walls and a mirror sitting in the bathtub.  You will be happy to know this is now the view from my son's room.

 The small pedestal sink works well in the space and I even love that all the pipes are exposed.  It feels like something you would expect from a third floor bath under the eaves in an older home.

The drum mirror from the store helps to add to the rustic look.  May goal was to mix metals in this space and I think given the white walls it all works nicely.

The light fixtures were mentioned in an earlier post and while I am still experimenting with light bulbs (edison vs. bright white) I love that they are both the same and are on 2 separate switches.

The shelves were once a door into the eaves and I asked the handyman to turn the door into a removable shelf that would allow us to access the wires.

I have to fess up that I stole this idea from my neighbor Betsey who is uber talented.  Such a smart way to make more space when it is limited.  

My son has a collection of pocket knifes, one has found its way onto the 2nd shelf.  I couldn't bear to throw out the original tub faucet so for now it sits on the top shelf.

All the bathroom accouterments can find a home on the shelves.  And I couldn't resist finding a hand towel and wash cloth that looked fun rolled up on the shelf.  I love the feel of organic, simple colors in this space.  I cleaned out an amber colored glass candle vessel and filled it with cotton balls.

The metal bucket on the bottom shelf is a cute way to store additional rolls of toilet paper.

I promise to hang the black and white KINDNESS MATTERS sign.  It was in the other side of the 3rd floor but I brought it into the bathroom and think that is where is will ultimately live.


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