The countdown to Thanksgiving begins

I have been a bit distracted lately with the Designer Show House pop-up boutique on TOP of my regular shop.  

So, while I may have created a Thanksgiving 2015 board on Pinterest I am no where near finished with my tablescape ideas.  Good news is we are nearing the end of the boutique and then its LAZER focus on Thanksgiving!

If you are new to the blog, last year I wrote about my 32 dinner guests and how I was going to trick out my 5 tables.  Pictures and ideas were offered and we had loads of customers in the shop looking for the do-dads to do the same with their holiday tables.

This year I can't stop thinking about the pheasant feathers that are at the shop and how beautiful they look sitting in the aged brass urns.  I have different varieties on order so looking forward to seeing what comes in next week.

This seems to be where I will launch most of my inspiration and ideas.  Of course germs of ideas are still milling around in my brain but here are a few pics to help get you inspired.

I love the new paper placemats that were unpacked this week, the sepia turkey will fit right into the tones of my feathered, woodland vibe.

And I also think the small burlap birds will find a spot on my tables this year, not sure if they will get attached to the rolled dinner napkin or nestle in to the lighted branches or twigs that may lay on the table.  

And lastly, this burlap ribbon with black detail arrived last week and I can't stop thinking about all the fun ways I will use it. 

 It may very well be a contender for the Thanksgiving table...2 long pieces running along the length of the table either just under the dinner plate (in which case no placemat) or just above.  But rest assured if it doesn't make the cut for turkey day it will be draped around my live xmas tree!

Stay tuned while I make sense of this creative chaos....


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