Pulling out my Halloween decor had a snowball effect

Last week I had a few extra minutes on my one day off and I realized I have been so focused on my 2 stores that I forgot to put a little Halloween into my own home.

Up to the third floor I went, out came the boxes and an hour later Halloween landed at 299!  

A black front door is perfect this time of year

Love the ghost garland lights strung across
the mirror on my hall mail table

the preserved boxwood wreath hanging in my
kitchen gets tricked out for every holiday

The problem for me is that once I tweak something at home it tends to make me re-look at other things that probably haven't been "in focus" for me in some time.

The next night I re-examined the new chest I have put in the upstairs hallway (after moving the pine book shelves out and into the store).  Its black marble top with creamy veining prompted me to paint it with a new shade of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, xx.  

I was so sure the pale pinkish color would do wonders for the veining and be a beautiful compliment to the black.  As usual, I did a bit of distressing on the piece but the outcome has been bugging me for weeks.

And because I have been itching to paint our first and second floor hallway a new color and most likely a pale grey, I decided the chest needed to be navy.  So, by re-examine I mean get to work painting.  Hubby thinks I am CRAZY with a capital C but when the mood strikes its hard for me to turn it off.
the chaos in the 2nd floor hallway--
1 coat down

Of course that caused a further snowball because the trio of wood framed fern botanicals at the top of the steps no longer worked AT ALL and had to come down.  

I tested 2 new Mary Gregory waterscapes on the wall and liked one of them but it would have to be bigger to fit the space.  

Morning Harbor was stunning with the navy chest and
it even worked with the current khaki wall color

And then I tested a piece from our den, a large black and white canvas wrapped piece I scored at IKEA years ago and it really works.  The black and white photograph pulls in the black marble top of the chest.

IKEA piece must be 3 ft. square
Wide shot of the whole big mess!
And as you can see I need to work around the
custom runner that isn't in the budget to replace.

BUT now I have a big blank wall in our den.  


The snowball just keeps getting bigger!


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