Save The Date for Local Talent

One of my favorite parts about owning a local shop is that I get to meet and discover local talent.  

Over the past few months I have met numerous, talented artists and here is where my brain went with this new intel......

I love having a venue to bring these artists together and in front of the public.  

I met Jason of Stonehill Design and his wife about a year ago when they popped into my shop to say hi.  And funny enough I had just seen his work on Facebook or some social media outlet and had admired it.  Turns out they live just a few streets away from me.  Jason loves to work with his hands creating amazing light fixtures using retro or vintage goods.  Each piece is a masterpiece unto itself!  He can be found at local and not-so local (think Boston and D.C.) pop-up markets and fairs on most weekends.

When I wear my Proof Jewelry (which is often) people stop and take notice!  Each piece is special and while that may sound hokey, its true!  Connie has an eye for taking vintage pieces and making them look fresh and new and oh so chic.  Creativity oozes from Connie in all facets of her life and if you haven't met her yet you will want to.

When I first saw Dede's work I was surprised that she had only showed and shared her work with her close friends.  If I had this talent I would be shouting from the rooftops!  Soft, watery landscapes that portray her other favorite place to live...Nantucket are simply beautiful.  Ranging in size from small works to larger pieces, I am so excited to showcase them at the show!

As it seems to be the way with me lately, a new friend introduced me to Hilary, one of the co-founders of Alpaca Lifestyles.  When you hear Hilary talk about why and how she launched this company you feel like you were apart of the effort.  She is passionate about Ecuador and the locals of the Andes Highlands who hand-craft these beautiful Alpaca blankets and throws.  Every piece is unique and the color offerings are beautiful.  The company is still fine tuning its website so please bear with them.


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