The Showhouse

A few months ago I was approached about taking part in a local, designer show house.

Before you get all excited I need to clarify.  

I was asked to be the signature vendor in the house's detached, 2-car garage for the duration of the five week show house.  The house, which is the church's rectory will be designed by well-known designers from the NYC area.

Of course I accepted the offer and haven't stopped thinking about it since.  The good news is that I ran my business for three years out of my 2-car garage so some may say I am a pro at this.

This means I will be running 2 shops for the 5-week period and while it would be so easy to cut and paste there really isn't any creativity in that!

So the brain is hard at work dreaming and there have already been sleepless nights thinking about how I want the space to look.  And because the garage is very unfinished I will head in a rustic, vintage direction.

And while I should be more concerned about what I plan to sell I want the space to have a lived in, comfortable-I want-to-linger kinda vibe.  I am staring with a pair of wingback chairs that I am slipcovering in buffalo check.  Still undecided if it will be navy or black but I love that either one will work great with all the wood and metal textures I use and be a great central focus for that cozy feel.

The other element I have been mulling over is lighting.  I am a light fixture freak as in I love them all!  So not sure if I will go the industrial route or go minimal from IKEA.  The electrical situation is a bit lacking so that may dictate the direction for me.

In the meantime, here is the raw space and what it looks like now.  For anyone that loves a good before and after stay tuned.  As you can see there is lots more to iron out before No. 299 opens it's doors.

The St. Paul's show house launches September 18th so if you find yourself in or near the town of Fairfield, CT stop by and say hello.

St. Paul's Church
Old Post Road
Fairfield, CT  06824


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