love what you do

We have all heard this saying countless times, LOVE WHAT YOU DO but it's not until now at the age of 47 that I can truly understand what that means.

I have had many jobs over the years dating as far back as the newspaper route I delivered on my bike when I was in 6th grade.  

I have had some doozies like the the neighbor I pulled weeds for or the job slinging dishes in the dining hall in college or my first job in NYC where the owner of the agency asked me to walk her dog.  

But I have also had jobs that introduced me to new things and opened my eyes to the bigger world like my high school job as cashier at Hay Day--who knew there was lettuce beyond iceberg and working for Carolee Jewelry when she first launched her now-mega business--she was a spit-fire of a business woman or my 4-year stint as the PR Director for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics--pre and post being sold to the Estee Lauder Company...these I remember with a smile.

And of course there is my job as a mother that I will have as long as I am still breathing and one that gives me headaches and heartaches daily in a good way.  

But having my own business has probably been the job that has made me the most happy.

I love this mixture I have unknowingly created which is running a store AND working with clients in their homes.  It allows me to touch upon so many elements that I truly enjoy. 

1.  working one-on-one to produce top-notch customer service

2.  sourcing and filling my store with great finds

3.  creating a unique and special shopping experience

4.  turning houses into homes for clients

5.  opening clients eyes to the possibilities

6.  inspiring others to create spaces they love

7.  re-working design over and over

At the end of each day when I lock my door and head home I am a happy camper!


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