red, white and blue

It's crisp, it's classic and it will never go out of style.  

When red, white and blue are paired together not only is it patriotic its perfection!

Of course on their own they work too.  I never met a navy and white combo I didn't love and same goes for a pop of red.

This time of year there is nothing like Memorial Day to kick off the summer season.  I love seeing the  American flags blowing in the breeze  from the front porches as I drive around town.

And here in the shop, we are having fun with the theme too!

The mix of the white puffs of cotton and the flag inside the vintage chicken feeder tell a great story!

The vintage flag matches we are carrying now make a fun addition 
to any hostess gift.

I can't wait to use one of the new turkish beach towels as a tablecloth. 
This red, white and blue version for sure!

And you can be sure that I will be sticking little American flags into vanilla buttercream-topped 
cupcakes this weekend.  

Yes, I am proud to be an American!


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