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We are finding it hard to keep Mary Gregory's artwork in stock at No. 299 design gallery.

Last June I met Mary's husband David at the Country Living Fair in Reinbeck, NY.  He was there selling Mary's work. Really its a collaborative effort.  Mary is the artist and David builds and makes the reclaimed wood shadow box frames.

While there were many favorite vendors at the Country Living Fair, our Mary Gregory purchases were by far our favorites.  My "Storm" piece is hanging in my kitchen by my back door and I love that I get a peek of it every time I leave my house.

Last week I unpacked a 36" square of Marsh Grass and proudly hung it on the wall behind the check out counter.

It lasted one day!
I can thank the power of Face Book for that one.

Around my neck of the woods, living in a coastal town Marsh Grass is quite common.  The blue water peeking out  from the sea grass and dunes can pretty much stop people in their tracks.

They start as small as the mini art block.  A literal block of wood with the image affixed to the front.  It looks sweet sitting on a stack of books or on a window sill.  

From there the images go to a 10, 15, 24 and 36" squares.  
From left to right...Peace, City Lake, Storm, Sun Shower.

And back in the Fall Birch Trees in any size were impossible to keep in stock.
No sooner had we unpacked a shipment then I was writing to David with another order.

She also paints sweet-faced lambs, birds and still life's of fruit, feathers
and flowers that are just as beautiful.

"Ewe and Me" nestled in a book shelf

"Full House"

"Brown Feather"

Mary, with her sweet southern drawl tells me she paints what she sees out her window.
Sounds like heaven!

If you haven't had the chance to see Mary's work yet stop into my shop....we can order any image in any size.  You can also find Mary's work at

And if you have the fortunate luck of meeting either of them at a Country Living Fair or in Texas where they live tell them Jackie from No. 299 said hello.


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