Peonies, gardening, etc.

While I am not the lucky owner of a garden full of peonies 
I do have a friend with just that and am lucky enough 
to be on the receiving end of fragrant, full blooms of peony flowers.

in our 2-jar wicker vase

in our green enamel vase

And while this past winter in the northeast pretty 
much was the worst all that pales in comparison 
when you see these.


white iris

And these...

lady's mantel

Seems like the work in my garden is never done.  
But really, isn't that the fun of it?!

My fingers are crossed that my 4 Mother's Day bushes 
make it in the ground this weekend.

I am transplanting and dividing some fast growing 
perennials to new homes and thrilled to be replacing 
the pachysandra that was in the space.  
These geraniums grow like weeds!

I have planted some red and green leaf lettuce along with 
my son's go at a few tomato and maybe a cucumber plant, 
can't really remember?!

And as long as this cute fellow in the picture doesn't 
go for the all you can eat salad bar 
we will be all set!

Winter is in the rear view mirror getting 
smaller and smaller and it's being replace with a beautiful bounty.  

Happy gardening gang!


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