Old Style Bar Cart

I spied this unique and definitely vintage bar cart from a distance and zeroed right in on it.

I tried to act all cool and nonchalant about it but I knew right away I was going to buy it.  When I asked the seller what he knew about it he said in the 30 years of doing this he has never seen one like it....if he hadn't had me a HELLO then that was the clincher!!!

I love the dual, lift-off trays and the wood base that collapses and folds flat.  

You could put this out on the patio or porch for a party, super easy to transport and set up.....OR....it could stay put it in a den or corner of a living room and be a functional bar.

Come to the No. 299 June sale to see this one-of-a-kind bar cart and other fun vintage finds.

June 12th-15th
9-4 Wednesday-Friday
9-12 Saturday

299 Toilsome Hill Road
Fairfield, CT


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