Classic Beauties

I was shocked when these 2 beauties were being sold right next to each other!

Normally pieces like these get split up and you typically either find one or the other but not BOTH!

It must have been my lucky day.

With that much storage, the VANITY could easily double as a desk or dresser.  And what I love about this type of piece is that it could work for a girl, a teen, one fresh out of college or a mom...this baby will never go out of style!

The dresser too has ample storage and while I did find them together I do not intend to have them paired together in the same room.  Back in the day maybe but not now...too much vintage!

I love the detail on the drawer fronts....

....and the hardware with the backplates.

Come see these beauty queens in person at the June

No. 299 sale.

June 12th-15th
9-4 Wed-Fri
9-12 Sat

299 Toilsome Hill Road
Fairfield, CT



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