My home is always a work in progress

The bright green bench saga continues.....

On a recent post I wrote about my need to bring the new 
2013 Pantone color emerald 
(or at least my version of it) into a room in my home.

I have this great flea market find....a wooden bench that I keep against the wall in my dining room and when the need arises we slide it up to the table and seat as many little (or big) tushes on it as possible.  I have a dining table that I love and can't part with that is made from old English floor boards with all sorts of holes and divots.  All great things in my opinion but the down side is that it doesn't expand, no leaves for this baby.  So, when our numbers grow and we have friends over the bench comes in handy!

The bench was chosen to get the "new color".  But after I did it I still wasn't sure it was what I had envisioned.  
Has this ever happened to you?

Since that post I have painted the room Graceful Grey and completed the faux roman blinds using a grey and cream geometric fabric.  

The outcome is definitely better but like I said 
it's a work in progress!

The grey walls tie in nicely to the fabric on the chairs.


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