Color Advice

For the past couple of years I have been giving advice to a host of friends about paint color.  I love thinking about it, looking at it, testing it and thinking about how it plays with all the components in a room.

Today a friend asked me to pop over and give my thoughts on choosing her daughter's wall color and no sooner had I hung up the phone when I got a text from another friend asking me what the navy blue color was on the dresser I had recently written about on my blog.  It quickly dawned on me that I should put together a chart or list of all my favorites and post it here on my blog.


Grey Shades
So when it comes to grey its hard to pin down just a couple favorites.  So many things factor in to the final decision....light, type of room, trim color, rug color, textures and materials in the room.  But if I had to narrow it down I would choose....

revere pewter by ben moore is a sophisticated shade that I think could work anywhere!  neutral enough to pair nicely with aqua, orange, navy, white, black and I am sure many more.
edgecomb grey by ben moore has an almost khaki quality to it and is beautifully neutral in any space without feeling heavy
stonington grey by ben moore is a pale, silvery grey that I love in a living room as long as there are some darker pieces in the room to weigh it down but not a color for a room with lots of light because it gets lost.
graceful gray by behr has a nice putty quality to it and is darker than any of the above so it gives more depth to the space.  I recently painted my dining room this color (see previous post)

to be continued.....


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