Vintage Glassware

Growing up my grandmother and even my father used to say, "they don't make them like they used to anymore," and I would roll my eyes but truthfully they were right!

When I stumble upon vintage glassware I am in awe.  

Recently I was lucky enough to find a pantry full of glassware and silver from years ago.  

Not only do I love thinking what it was like back in the day when pitchers of maritinis were whipped up at 
cocktail hour the way we grab a Starbucks, often and with little thought at all, but I also love the idea of showcasing AND using these vintage goodies 
now in my own home.

And if martinis aren't your thing then put a flavored seltzer and a splash of cranberry in there and make some fun!

Even these decanters are gorgeous....I love all the different sizes, details and tops!

Come by the No. 299 Holiday Sale and see for yourself all the fun and unique gift-ables and home decor.  

December 5, 6, and 7th
9-4 daily
and Wednesday 6-8pm

299 Toilsome Hill Rd
Fairfield, CT

All Welcome!


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