My Love for Bar Carts

If you have been following my blog you know that I love bar carts, tables, counters really anything that carves out a location to put all the necessities of a well stocked bar.   I like to put the bar in an out of the way kind of place to draw people out.

I have redone a number of bar tables and carts since I began my business and am happy to say we've got another one to add to the list.

I have chosen to paint this one grey, I know I am doing a lot of grey these days but it's such a NEUTRAL color and really can be placed in almost any room and still work.  

If you had seen this one when I found it you would have said PORCH immediately but with the grey it's more of an anything goes kinda of bar cart.  

Of course I love the traditional glass top that allows you to peek down to the lower shelf and not miss a trick (or a better bottle of something) and the natural bamboo matchstick placed on the diagonal adds interest and gives a nice contrast to the grey.

Wheels make this super functional and allow you to re-locate the bar when or if necessary and there is PLENTY of room to house all your favs and glasses too.

I have used a round silver tray to carve out the space but I would also love to see a colorful lucite number.  Check out the vintage martini pitcher with glass stirrer....hard to see in this photo but it has star etchings and a sterling silver base...

Sorry 007, this pitcher requires that they be 
stirred not shaken!

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