Dinner Bell

When I was a child St. Saviors Church, down the street, rang a bell at 6 pm every night and this was our signal to hop on our bikes and come home for dinner.  
"Six bells you need to be home" my parents would say. 

The other dinner bell is a bit more refined and is a fun, old fashioned way to summons your holiday dinner guests to the table when the meal is ready.

Shortly after hubby and I got married (many moons ago) his Aunt Kathleen gave us a china dinner bell from Tiffany's.  At the time I thought... well when the heck am I going to use this?  

But oddly enough I have brought it out each and every Christmas and now my daughter actually asks for it.  

It's just fun and isn't that what the holidays are all about, doing things we don't normally do when it comes to meals and entertaining, using special china, linens and silver?  

And then this all becomes tradition in your house and eventually your childrens' homes.  So the bell I initially frowned at is now apart of our family tradition, the special blue box that comes out each year at Christmas time.

What are you family's holiday traditions?

On a recent outing I found two crystal dinner bells.  One of them actually looks like jewelry it's so refined and delicate but not too delicate to get in the way of doing it's job.  

I can see these treasures becoming tradition in 
someone's home this December.  

Will it be yours?

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