So Long SANDY!

For those of us living in the Tri-State area of CT, NJ and NY its been along few days!  

Sandy whipped in here rip-roaring mad and left a path of destruction that once again proves don't mess with Mother Nature!

Power went out on Monday night and I am still listening (happily mind you) to the loud hum of the generator.  I am sure I speak for all mothers when I say its been a long week of no school, no cable and no Halloween.  But more importantly there are many, many people with damage from the storm.   We've seen trees resting on rooftops, trees that have gone thru rooftops and trees blocking roadways.  

The day after the storm passed my hubby and I went for a walk and outside there was such a sense of community...people outsides standing in the street, talking, sharing tid-bits of news and advising each other.  Amazing what can happen when there is no cable, no where to rush to and no schedule to keep!

Of course now we are on day 5 and it is definitely starting to wear out its welcome.  On Tuesday I started a project...painting my kitchen island.  I know, many including my hubby were asking why now?  but it was boredom and the thought that I probably have a few days to tackle this without major interruption.  Here is the island at the start....

I used my fav Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, 
Paris Grey 
and gave it 3 coats of paint.

Once I was done I liked it but something was still missing.  Between the Carrara marble and the pale grey cabinet it was like a cloud and needed a little something to ground it.  So I began distressing....

And finished with a coat of ASCP clear wax and now its good to go!

Today I might play around with the off white stools I have, maybe paint the top?  

Hey power is still out and we still have lots of 
time on our hands!

P.S.  Holiday No. 299 sale is December 5, 6 and 7th!


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