Vintage Goodies

There's nothing better than plain old time to age something and that's why I LOVE vintage.  You just can't make that stuff brand new and have it look good.  

It takes time.

This milk crate is a perfect example of time creating vintage!  There are some that would look at these crates and think dusty, dirty, old.  

Not me, I think they are perfection!

Use it simply as decor, fill the bottles with flowers for an amazing vase, place in a space that is new and needs a more vintage vibe.....whatever works for you.

I've found some terrific vintage frames at the flea market and they are in the midst of becoming chalk boards.  Think outside the box....with frames this great they could do anywhere, I have one hanging on the wall of my dining room and my resident artist creates seasonal artwork to keep it fresh.

I love the idea of hanging the small, oval one on the outside of the powder room door...any of these 
phrases would be fun....
La Salle de Bains 

Where would you hang one in your home?

All of these vintage goodies will be at the 
No. 299 September sale.

September 12, 13 and 14th
9-4 daily  and Wednesday 5-7pm
299 Toilsome Hill Road
Fairfield, Ct

All welcome!


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