Vintage Glassware

Old mason jars, especially the aqua ones ALWAYS catch my eye.  But this one caused my heart to beat faster! 

The vintage, wire holder and six jars were crying out...."buy me"!  I realize the wire holder is probably a caning mechanism that makes the caning process easier but for me it was the coolest center piece for my dining room table. 
Imagine all six jars filled with flowers cut from your
hydrangea bush or perrenial garden. 

It would be quite a site.

I know I always say I am sucker for anything beach or water related but I am also a sucker for vintage glass and crystal.  But not alot of it.  I like to find one or two pieces to mix with my everyday or china pieces.  Too much can end up looking like grandma's china cabinet.   And I am also picky about the engraving and the lines of a vintage glass piece.  This collection covers all my requirements!  My fav is the pedastal bowl.  Would I sit it smack in the middle of my kitchen island and fill it with peaches or put it on my bar table and use lemons and limes or would it hold fruit salad for a ladies lunch?  I'll save you from the other 101 ideas I have for it!

All for sale September 15th and 16th


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