Not Your Grandma's Curio Cabinet

Generally speaking I am not a curio cabinet kind of girl.  Just the name alone conjures up images of the old Italian grandma's house with the formal living room and the plastic covered sofa's and the clear, plastic stair runner. 
Horrible of me to judge, I know!

But this curio cabinet came into my life as a gift from a kind person and I thought PAINT!  I'll give it a coat of paint (like everything else) and it will be a great display case for my vintage glassware. 
Since I have painted it 3 friends have asked me how much I intend to sell it for at my September sale. 

There is something kinda old world charming about the circular cabinet, the bowed panels of glass and the gold leafed interior that I chose not to paint that makes you look.  The interior light, placed at the top of the piece helps too as it casts a warm glow downward, thru the glass shelves onto all the goodies inside.

This shot (below) shows you the gold leaf interior and the warm "glow" from the interior light.

Below is a shot of the top of it.

I guess it is for sale.


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