My Favorite Beach Getaway!

For 14 years we have been heading to Wellfleet for family vacations. 
What's not to love about the breath taking beauty?  Although we mix it up with the fresh water pond, the ocean and the bay beaches this bay beach is my favorite. 
We call it mansion beach beacause of the newly built home that sits at the top of this staircase. 
We love it because the water is warm, the vista is gorgeous and when the tide goes out you can walk forever and only be up to your waist in water yet still see down to your toes.  Our gang of 22 heads there often to spend the day....reading, walking, crab-collecting, playing football at low tide and hanging out. 

We even tried dinner this year and were treated to the most beautiful sunset over the water and then later watched the full moon rise over the dunes, incredibly special.

This year I found an amazing shop filled with sculptures made from metal and all bearing the look of something found near or in the local waters, lanscape paintings and unique jewelry.  Although I loved the wares I think it was the structure itself that caught my eye...I could just imagine my No. 299 sign swinging outside that shop!  Charming, rustic, weathered colors and materials, sliding barn -track doors, wild garden was love at first sight.


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