OUT EAST....part 3

Feeling happy to be on the other side of 
my busy weekend out East.

PRODUCTIVE is the word of the weekend.

I arrived Sat night about 6 and unpacked my trusty old Suburban...furniture pieces went into the on-site POD and smalls went in the house.  Packed to capacity for this trip, I am always amazed at how much this baby can fit!   

The "burb" as its fondly called in our house has been by our side for 13 years.  If this car could talk oh the stories!

I was happy to be greeted by freshly painted (Ben Moore Decorators White) walls.  Another few days and the painters should be finished and out of there.

My goal for the first night was to wash all the pieces.  I like to use hot water with a bit of Pine Sol and a kitchen sponge.  I follow up with a dry, clean rag or T-shirt.  

I got organized, laid out my drop clothes, strategized about where I would do the painting and started cleaning.  

Things always take longer than you think...do you agree?  Scrubbing 9 pieces of furniture took me from sun, to sunset, to darkness!

Lucky for me the pool had been opened so I took a late night swim and hoped into bed...knowing full well what waited for me the next day!

In my haste leaving the house Saturday afternoon I forgot my black and navy paint.  Two key pieces to my weekend.  After a trip to the Quogue Market for coffee I headed out to Montauk Highway to the hardware store to have some paint mixed.

After thinking through all that I had to do I quickly realized that I would be MUCH better off if I spray primed the pair of twin beds (head board, footboard and side rails) and the king-sized headboard.  Both were ultimately getting dark colors so I chose a grey primer.

I lucked out with the dry, sunny weather and I was able to spray outside in the shade.  I dragged the wood beds outside and sprayed them on tarps.

Meanwhile inside, I started on the table.  I mentioned the table in a previous post.  It is a double pedestal mahogany piece with 4 leaves.  I  chose to keep and paint 2 leaves.  For all the years this table has been used it still opens and closes beautifully.  The "gears" that move it from closed to open scream quality and look like the inside of a clock.  

They sure don't make em' like they used to!

Because I was painting it Annie Sloan Old White it needed 3 coats to cover the stained finish before I could get to work with painting the bold stripe down the middle.  

I measured twice and then using a pencil added ticking marks down both sides.  I wanted the stripe bold so went with a 12" band of space.  

Painters tape in place I quickly hit the tape w/ the white color first....an insiders trick and then once that was mostly dry painted the Ben Moore Hale Navy.  Two coasts did the trick and then I pulled the tape while the navy was still wet...another insiders trick.

I added the 2 leaves into the table when I taped and painted the stripe so it would be exact when the leaves where added.  But on a regular basis the table will be without the leaves.

From the selection of dining chairs we salvaged 2 of the more decent shield backs.  I wanted to paint them, redo the seat fabric and use them paired with a sweet oval table for the master bedroom.  

Using Annie Sloan Aubusson Chalk Paint I got to work on the 2 chairs and a drop leaf mahogany table with 2 thin drawers that will be used as a night table.  My overall thought in the master was black and white with a few pops of the Aubusson...a beautiful blue green color that feels European to me.

On my way out the door Saturday afternoon I grabbed some fabric....a black and white ticking and an off- white linen to see which I prefer as the new seat covers....the linen wins!

The black and white canvas with wood trim frame was a Home Goods score and I think it will set the tone nicely in the master.  I have it leaning on the table but it will be hung properly soon.

The original headboard will be black...2 coats down 1 more to go.

For the kids bedroom I used Ben Moore Hale Navy on the twin beds and kept another small drop leaf table to act as a joint night table since there isn't much space in that room.  I decided not to paint this one to help break up the navy and white.  And I am so glad I held off ordering linens because once I saw the bed frames painted and in the white room along with the bold horizontal striped curtains that I couldn't resist hanging I realized there was PLENTY of navy.  

I will find a contrast color for the linens or maybe a fun pattern.  I have my eye on the Target line called Pillow Fort...super cute kids patterns.

I promised myself if I got to a good place by Sunday night I would take a walk on the beach and boy am I glad I did.  

It was beautiful!


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