The Christmas Shuffle

It's GO time here at the store and while I am super busy and don't see a day off in sight I must admit it's a fun time of year.  We play holiday music and burn beautiful scented candles, the daily vibe is festive and I am lucky to have lovely customers.

Just when we think we have a display looking perfect inventory sells and so we start over.  This means we are re-creating holiday displays on a daily basis.  

Bells found a new home on the closet door knob today. 

Faux pine wreaths found a new spot in wire baskets and got plunked on the upholstered chair.   I can't resist the chance to layer something over a wreath.  Today I placed a vintage looking wood sign with a snowman inside the wreath that hangs from the green vintage door behind the check out counter and no sooner had I placed it there than a customer asked to buy it. 

 This one below got the metal cheers that hangs on a thin wire.

And so each day wreaths replace art, baskets are emptied and re-filled with mirrors or bottle openers and as small pieces of furniture sell we move the remaining pieces of furniture into a new space.

The Christmas shuffle often requires a ladder and a hammer n' nails.  This metal rectangle bucket was mounted up on the wall and filled with red felt trees mounted on a slice of log.

And who can resist a fresh new display?   I typically take a picture so I can post the new look on Instagram.  (Have you read my earlier post on Instagram?  If not, get on it! )

Happy Holidays and see you around the store!


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