5 min holiday fixes

The other day a customer walked into the store and we whipped up 2 ideas for wreath decorating. (yes, there is such a thing)  We joked that we did it in 5 minutes.  It got me thinking about how busy we all are and how sometimes we only have time for a quick fix or decorating session.   And I don't know about you but even a 5 minute fix sure does make me feel better.

So below I am sharing some of my recent 5-minute fixes at my home.

A number of years ago I bought a large box of vintage ornaments at a tag sale and boy do I love them.
This year I changed it up a bit and gave them a new home.  This glass lidded pedestal was holding other goodies in my dining room and I switched it out.  I added a stand of those battery lights, the ones with the timer mode and layered a bit of bright green reindeer moss before I closed it up and flipped it over.  It just makes me happy!

I hung a fresh pine garland outside my kitchen door and ended up with 2-3 feet of extra so I chopped it off the end and laid it across the chalk board in my dining room.  Easy, festive and it smells good too!

I did this last year too but it still brings a smile to my face when I walk into my tiny powder bath tucked under the staircase.  And I think pairing it with a holiday sign is crucial and makes it feel more holiday-ish!

I am a sucker for seasonal pillows and especially Christmas ones.  I plunked one down on my bench in the front hall and it sure makes things festive.  I also wrapped my bench cushion with a blanket scarf for a fun pop!

Get your house ready for entertaining with a fun, festive cocktail napkin on the coffee table.  I loved the gold script on these.  Cheap and easy to change out for the holidays and/or seasons.

I use an old china hutch in the corner of the my living room as a dry bar.  I switch out my cup of colored straws for the seasons.

Hands down the single best way to take it up a notch! Layer lights inside vessels, around plants, inside glass-fronted cabinets, layered over wreaths or garland, around window frames, etc.  I layered a faux pine garland over our old (as in used to be my mother-in-laws) china cabinet and then twisted lights a round the garland.  I tucked a thin wood Christmas sign on the top in front of the garland and then some red felt trees went on the top right corner for a pop of color. 


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