sometimes I feel like a broken record

I know I have touched upon this before but I can't resist another reminder about decorating from the confines of your own home.

I typically stumble upon it because let's face it who has the time to sit in their own home day dreaming about new furniture configurations (ok well things like this do tend to keep me up at night but I am probably more the exception than the norm).

This go around I needed to reconfigure my dining room seating to accommodate 11 for Christmas Eve dinner and I wanted us all at the same table.  I asked hubby to please swap our 2 tables...bring the old farmhouse (which has been used as a computer desk for the last 2 years in our living room) back into the dining room and to put the 60" round wood dining table into the living room. 

For our Christmas Eve family dinner I added a folding table to the farmhouse to create a square.  To help connect them visually (since the folding was a big shorter and not as long) I used a black watch plaid blanket scarf placed over the white cloths diagonally.

The large round took the same spot in the living room in front of the large bay window but took on a whole new look. 

The computer went back on it (you can probably see the little printer table slid underneath) and the 2 acrylic arm chairs that I bought recently sat at it.  I also pulled up the second metal-topped Target side table that needed a home and it has acted as a stool over the past few days.

Overall the two tables in their new spaces have been a very pleasant surprise.  There is something about a round that I find very inviting. 

And shortly after the change hubby says to me, "I really like the farmhouse table back in the dining room".  

Bonus to have both of us happy!

The acrylic arm chairs were pulled out and used on Christmas Eve when we had the family exchanging gifts in the living room and I was glad to have them.

And then yesterday my daughter sat at the round table with her laptop to crank out some work and today, I am sitting here as I write this post.  

It's an inspiring view with a lovely, sunny, Southern exposure.  

The re-org has brought new life and new functionality to the big round AND the living room.


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