September always puts a KICK in my step

I believe the phrase is Spring Cleaning but for me there is something about September that really puts a kick in my step.  

Maybe it's that most of the summer I check out when it comes to house stuff...mostly because we focus on outside.

But give me a schools-about-to-start deadline and I hup to!

That first week of school I go through closets, (they hate the dreaded TRY-ON clothes I leave them) I tackle numerous piles around the house and suddenly that stuff that has been sitting in the dining room all summer long drives me CRAZY.  

The collection of throw pillows on the sectional in the den looks tired so I remove half of them and I take a good look at the sectional and decide it needs to be professional cleaned. 

September also gets me thinking about bigger house projects.  I take a second look at the powder bath wallpaper and think hmmm, maybe something in the blue family would look better in here.  

I dream about knocking the wall down between the kitchen and dining room (damn that Joanna Gaines and her open concept ideas) and I contemplate a new stair runner and what paint color would work in the hallway.  

It is a serous ITCH. 

But mostly I just dream about what I would do if I had the time or money.


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