Recycling design

Design is a funny thing.  

I think it's often hard to find our design voice when we are constantly besieged with trends.  

I like trends but I am not a fan of using them to drive our design choices.  I am more of the school of thought that your home should be a collection of you, pieces  that you build upon to create a place you love.  And a place that you will love for time to come.  

We talk so much about saving our world and making our footprint smaller and the 3R's.  But if we change the decor in our homes each time the trends change then we mine as well all drive a gas guzzler and throw our recyclables in the garbage can.

Design shouldn't be disposable.  Good design should withstand the test of time.  It should last through a handful of trends.  And sure, I too like to change my throw pillows with the seasons or holidays but the larger, key pieces stay put. 

The other day I was lying on the couch after dinner catching up on the pile of home catalogs that fill my mailbox each week when I glanced up and looked at the light blue walls of the living room.  We painted the living room when we moved into the house 8 years ago.  For the past 2 years I have thought about painting them white or light grey...trendy colors.  But when I looked up the other day I still liked what I saw and I was glad that I hadn't changed it to go with the tide.  

Don't be bullied by trends.  

Find your design voice and own it.  


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