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Just the other day I stumbled upon an amazing array of vintage African tapestries.  I am talking about Indigo Blue on steroids!  And thankfully I was working with a budget because I could have bought every single one of them.

I did buy a handful and they will be for sale at my shop.

I can't wait to chat with customers about how to incorporate them into their homes.

The timing of this new addition to my shop it kinda fortuitous as my oldest is spending 10 weeks in Tanzania as part of a GAP year break from college.  

Back in June when she was planning her trip she bought one of the tapestries and re-arrangeed her bedroom around it. 

She was excited and looking ahead to her travels.  She shoved off three weeks ago and is having an incredible experience.

Have you ever felt so happy for your child that you thought your heart would burst?  That's how I feel about her adventure.  

Yesterday she posted pictures that took my breath away.  

What goes through your head when you are camping in tents on the edge of the Ngorongora Crater and watching the sun rise?  

Or when you travel by Jeep through the Serengeti National Park learning how birds and elephants are two species that live symbiotically? 

So rather timely that I should stumble upon my friend from West Africa selling the tapestries.  It felt like my purchase was meant to be.

Sometimes life hands us situations that force us to make difficult decisions and hard decisions are never easy for anyone old or young.  But to be able to turn it into something that gives you the adventure of a lifetime makes me SO proud of my oldest.

A lifetime of adventure is waiting Megs. 


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