Third floor bath redo

So last time I wrote about the third floor project I was on deadline to get bathroom finishes picked out. 

Last week our guy arrived and got to work.  Did I mentioned before that this 3rd floor bath under the eaves is SUPER tiny!  

After our guy demo-ed for a day I needed to get the electrician and plumber in to work their magic while the walls were bare and the pipes in the floor were exposed.  

I walked thru the electrical list with Patrick.  Of course there are a few other things outside of the bathroom.  I try to lump things together, its much more economical and most electricians don't want a job that is only one small thing.

A year later there are still wires poking out of the built in desk area in the bunk room (also up on the 3rd floor), these needed to be turned into an electrical outlet.  I have a new light fixture for the the little guys room, that needs to swap out with the cheap ceiling fixture we put in 8 years ago.  And his bedroom needs another outlet.  You should see his power's chalk full!  

In the tiny bathroom I want an outlet added, there was none.  And the light fixture was getting moved from the side wall to over the mirror and sink plus I asked for a ceiling mount fixture to be centered in the narrow strip of space.  I found this cool industrial/vintage vibe light.  This one below will go over the sink and a ceiling mount version of it will be a short pendant installed on the ceiling.

Jimmy our plumber arrived and on a VERY hot day worked up in the tiny bath with no air and disconnected the toilet, sink and claw foot tub.  He even dragged the tub out of the bath into the other idea how as I cannot even budge that thing.  

He is a good sport!  

We talked about what I needed for the tub.  The hot and cold pipes come out of the floor and I would love to have those pipes replaced with this set below.  With the floor open now is the time to do it!  

As a working mom I have become addicted to Amazon Prime.  If you haven't tried it yet do yourself a favor and get a one-month trial...pretty sure its free!

Light fixtures, Toto toilet, pedestal sink, new tub faucet and pipes all ordered from Amazon Prime and delivered right to my door.  It's ridiculous!

I found the long, ceramic tile planks that mimic distressed wood at Home Depot.  I considered 2 finishes and ultimately went with the lighter.  I love how the wood grain pops.

 I also found that Rust-oleum, the spray paint that works on metal now makes Chalk Paint for metal. 

Rust-Oleum Specialty 30 oz. Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint, Charcoal (Case of 2)

 I chose the charcoal and have almost finished painting the bottom of the claw foot tub.  I think the dark color will really pop on the lighter tile.  And boy am I happy that the inside of the tub is in great shape.

I chose a pedestal sink and one that has a very small profile...remember VERY small bathroom.  There is a small deck area for a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste for little guy.  And I found a smaller scaled toilet.  

I am hopeful that these two, smaller replacements pieces side by side will make the space feel bigger.  
Every inch counts in a small space.

Here is what things looked like this morning when I left...

The cut out used to be a small door to access the space in the eaves but I wanted to copy my talented friend (and neighbor) and create a remove-able, built in shelf which will replace the door.

those are the claw foot tub pipes sticking up
that is the hole for the ceiling light fixture

one of the 2 doors is cut to fit under the eave

And when I got home from work this is what made my day.

Tile was down along with a new marble saddle and I LOVE how the painted navy blue floor in the bedroom looks butted up against the new wood-looking ceramic planks.  LOVE, LOVE!

Stay tuned for more progress.


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