Home Sweet Home

It's been a whirlwind these past few weeks.  

I said goodbye to 318 Villa Avenue where No. 299 spent two years and moved the store to our local downtown area.  While I loved being on Villa and close to my own home, this new space has a CRAZY amount of positive energy!

The new location is next to a yoga studio and a local coffee shop so there is constant foot traffic and just in front of my 2 front store windows are a couple of town benches that get used quite a bit and on the other side of me is a restaurant with an outdoor patio seating area.  This place is hopin'!

I am SO excited to be a part of it all and get to work!

Please come visit me and say hello.  The new address is 11 Unquowa Road, just off the corner of the Post Road in downtown Fairfield, CT.

Here are some pics of the process.  There was a bit of demo needed and a LOT of paint needed...

Luckily I had my own Chip Gaines on hand for the demo.  

And some of my daughter's friends on hand to paint.

And WOW, what a difference paint can make!  I chose to paint a feature wall Ben Moore Old Navy and the rest of the space got Ben Moore Pale Oak.  I wanted a neutral background for all my goods but wanted a hint of color to be able to show contrast against the white tin ceiling.

Next I started working on my outdoor signs.  When I found these 2 crate tops in the closet I took the home and got to work.

As soon as I knew this place was a go I set my sights on these vintage inspired pendants.  I have them for sale at the store and was dying to see them in use.  Patrick stopped by last week and up they went.  I love how the galvanized metal looks with the white ceiling.

My next find was more like a SCORE!  
A customer's Mom had this old, vintage store counter for sale.  She had used it for years in her store and now needed to get it out of her basement.

And I LOVE it!

Father's Day, otherwise known as MOVING DAY in our house brought us a beautiful day.  And like many things to do with No. 299 it was a family affair.  Upon arrival at U-Haul my husband was told he got a free upgrade.  When they tell you this at Hertz its a good thing but not so much at U-Haul.  Have you ever tried driving a 26' truck?

Thankfully our 16 year old son asked 3 friends to help out and they were life savers!  But by the end of the day it was just too overwhelming to begin sorting through it all.  So we packed it up but not before Mike made 2 trips to Home Depot for the missing screw needed to put a table back together and hung my 2 new signs out front.

Yesterday was a new day and thank goodness Kelly was there to help me because no sooner than we had unlocked the door to tackle the mess a pallet of goods was delivered.  

Two days into unpacking and I can only show you a handful of pics.
Lovin' the navy feature wall and the new shelving mannequin that was in the new goods shipment.

Kelly hard at work at the French laboratory table I scored at Brimfield.

A couple of the pillows from the new vendor 
The Salty Cottage.  

They are so well made and perfect for our town's coastal vibe.

We open our doors Wednesday June 22nd but please bear with us as we continue to get everything in it's place.


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